In The Hague Conference Centre you can still organise your event!

We understand the essence of live events. Right now it is imperative that information remains available to anyone. The Hague Conference Centre is happy to propose various alternatives within the 1.5 meter economy. Therefore, we have set up a modern studio to host online webinars, which still offers you the opportunity to organise your event.

For instance, you can choose to organise an event up to 170 people live and have this event streamed via our webinar studio to the other participants in order for everyone to still watch the event real time. We are pleased to explain how this works.

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Studio THCC

In one of our newest halls we have created a fully furnished studio where you can host online webinars, ideal for groups of up to 1000 people. Due of the bright daylight and the view on The Hague Central Station, this is a beautiful and original setting to host an innovative webinar, the alternative way to organize your event.

We are happy to share the advantages of Studio THCC with you:

  • The best accessible studio in The Hague;
  • Live view on The Hague Central Station;
  • Live streaming with a top internet connection to a maximum of 1000 guests;
  • Use your own brands, content and offer online polls;
  • Multiple cameras can be used;
  • A professional team with lots of experience in live broadcasting and broadcasting.

Live events up to 100 people

Our rooms and policy are fully adapted to the new 1.5 meter economy. This means that events can still take place safely and fully in accordance with the government guidelines, up to a maximum of 170 people.

For more information about the webinar studio, please contact our events department at, we are also available by phone  via +31 (0) 70 205 1200.

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This is what your event looks like during covid-19

Arrival to The Hague Conference Centre

By car you enter Qpark Babylon. With 1250 parking spaces, there is always a safe place for your car with the necessary distance from other cars. Would you rather come by train? The Hague Central Station is located next to the conference centre. There are many elevators and stairs available which brings you safely to the first floor.

Routing to the foyer

We will use all of our screens that are present in the venue to inform your guests and to show an instruction video with measures regarding Covid 19. Entrances, exits and walking routes will be clearly indicated by floor marking. At the registration desk and the catering distribution points, markings are placed every 1.5 meters to secure the distance between delegates.

Reception in the foyer

Our staff is available to welcome your guests, answer questions and they will ensure everyone remains at a safe distance from each other. All our staff is extensively trained to handle this in a friendly and professional manner. As a standard, we place hand gel stations at the various entrances to the foyers / halls. Every time before guests enter rooms, hands should be cleaned, guests hang their coats themselves and we provide plenty of wardrobe racks.

Catering in the foyer

Now is the time for coffee. We use self-service options, delicious cappuccino, fresh bean coffee and various teas are available at the high class coffee machines. We use disposables cups for safety reasons. Your guests can choose from a selection of pre-packaged snacks, and we offer lunch in individual boxes. The floor markings ensure a safe distance of 1.5 meters between the guests.

Meeting in the conference room

All the room capacities are adapted to the 1.5 meter rule. In order to maintain certain capacities, many halls will be offered in combination with other halls. This means that you meet in a larger hall that you are normally used to. We recommend a setup with 1 table and 1 chair per person. Optionally, the seats can be numbered and you can communicate the seat numbering to your participants in advance. This way we can let the guests gradually (5 guests at a time) enter the hall through 2 entrances.

Hygiene around your event

Bathrooms and washbasins are alternately available, in order to guarantee the 1.5 meter is guaranteed. Disinfectant hand gel, hand soap, paper towels and hand blowers are present in all bathrooms. During your meeting, we do additional cleaning of the toilets and catering service points per half hour.

View our rooms

Have a look at the overview of our rooms and select the room that perfectly suits your event. We hope to welcome you with professional and personal service during covid-19!

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